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Our Amsterdam Honeymoon

Hello just a warning this might be a long one, because today I will be telling you all about our honeymoon to Amsterdam, now we got married on the 20th October 2018 and we left for honeymoon on 22nd October 2018 for 3 days, so we had a day to relax and come down after the wedding. Now this was my first time on a plane and my first time going abroad also, so I was feeling quite nervous about going but was looking forward to it at the same time. So we set off on the Monday and couldn’t believe the view from the plane it was amazing IMG_1281we flew with KLM airline and can say it was amazing service, all of the staff was very helpful and we even got a little snack and drink whilst on the plane which went down very nicely since it took my mind off the nerves even though the flight was only around an hour long it really did ‘fly’ by (sorry for the pun). When we landed in Amsterdam we managed to have a look around the massive and very impressive schiphol airport which was full of all different shops, places to eat and also easily accessible train station underneath it. so we then got the train to Amsterdam IMG_8127central station which was also an experience since the trains are so much more impressive then British rail and the staff was much more helpful and friendly. we then arrived at the central station which was also very very big with an all glass roof looked like something straight out of Harry Potter. Now we then had the 30 minuet walk to find our hotel which was in the centre of rembrandtplein where there was a war memorial statue which was always super busy, but on our walk through the winding canals and little streets we noticed one big thing is LOOK OUT FOR BIKES, IMG_1376this was a major thing whilst we was over there was bikes have the right of way and even though they have special bike paths and zebra crossings for pedestrians there still is a great number of bikes which you need to look out for when crossing any road or even walking along a path because they simply do not care if they hit you over there since it would be the pedestrians fault for any damage or injury so be aware of this you need to look both ways and up and down before walking anywhere and then you may still get hit by a bike. On the first day we visited some of the shops and food IMG_1373places near to our hotel since we was tired from the early morning and flight so we didn’t do too much on the first day, we stayed at the NH caransa which is a 4 star hotel and it defiantly felt like it with a clean and modern rooms and general design, smart rooms with a mini bar filled with dutch treats and fantastic staff which was so friendly and kind, this is where I noticed another big detail about Amsterdam is that nearly everyone speaks English and I know this could be due to all of the tourism but this shocked me as I IMG_1572had never been out of the uk before I didn’t know what to expect so I was very happy when I leant this. One thing I loved about Amsterdam was the beautiful houses they are so amazing with tall and narrow houses which takes me back to a olden era then you have the canals which are filled with little boats and even floating houses which would be my dream.


The second day is when we started to go exploring Amsterdam a bit more we had a evening canal cruise booked which was fantastic but in the day we went to look around the shops and managed to find the main city centre where a endless road of shops appeared it seemed to go on forever and we discovered the most amazing chocolate in the world tonyTONY’S CHOCOLONELY, now all of the wording was in dutch so we didn’t quite know what the flavours was but most of them we could guess due to what it sounded like so we decided to buy nearly every flavour, another point I must say about IMG_4112Amsterdam was the price of everything now I don’t really know too much about this as I have never been abroad before but everything just seemed bit overpriced for example a bar of this chocolate was 5 euros which I thought was quite expensive so just a note for anyone thinking of visiting Amsterdam. Now in the main square was madame Tussauds and we have never been to any even the one in London so we decided to go and have a look, we got some great pictures but one thing I found was that it was very busy and cramped so we didn’t get a lot of time to look at each person but we still had a good time looking through everyone.

Now the third day and the last full day of our trip we pretty much done the same thing as the day before look around the shops, canals and then grabbed something to eat I found this amazing noodle place which was lush, now on this day we had booked up to go to IMG_1710Ripley’s believe it or not museum and this was the best museum we had been to it was full of lots of interesting and wacky objects and oddities from around the world we didn’t want to even leave, there was even a IMG_7451part on the The Beatles which I loved obviously. For the rest of the day we just walked around looking at the different places and we even saw the Palace which was amazing. now your probably thinking Hannah you went to Amsterdam did you not go to any coffee shops or the red light district? and the answer is no even though the whole culture of Amsterdam is sex, drugs and rocks and roll, me and my husband just isn’t into that sort of thing and didn’t see any need to participate in these activities but if thats what your into then trust me there are plenty of coffee shops around there is nearly one down every street and there defiantly is a smell in the air around Amsterdam.

On Thursday was the time we was coming home and I wasn’t as nervous about this flight as the first one but first we had to get a taxi to the airport and it fulfilled my husbands IMG_1282dream as the taxi was a Tesla and a fancy one to that, this was no Uber, my husbands face defiantly lit up when he saw that. We then Breezed through security and passport control, then enjoyed a McDonalds  breakfast in the airport whilst waiting for our plane and then landed back in the Uk safe and sound around 10 minutes IMG_1283after we left Amsterdam which was very strange to think. so overall we had a lovely time on our honeymoon even though it was very short I think that was just enough so hopefully this gives you a little insight into if you are thinking of visiting Amsterdam anytime soon and over all I will defiantly recommend visiting Amsterdam for everyone it is defiantly a beautiful place and there is something for everyone, friendly people who are very accepting and I couldn’t of wished for a better honeymoon.







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8 Ways To combat Travel Sickness.

Hello everyone hope your all well, today I will be writing about some ways you can combat travel sickness. I have suffered with this my whole life and still do today now short distances are fine but if they are longer than a couple of miles then it becomes a problem and buses are just the worse.But over the 20 years of having it I’ve been able to find some ways to help it, so I thought I would share them with you, so here they are.

  1. Mints or hard boiled sweets– Now this one really helps, I love to suck on a mint or sweet whilst on a long car journey,and I found it really helps, it’s because mint naturally soothes the stomach and helps ease nausea.
  2. Water– This one may be self explanatory but I always try to have a bottle of water with me on any journey, since you can take slow sips and this normally cures my nausea straight away.
  3. Anti travel sickness medication– This isn’t the best one out there since some on the tablets used to make me feel sick before we even got going, as you had to chew them and they tasted disgusting. However last year I tried some kwells anti sickness tablets and they really worked, you had the choice to swallow or chew, so no more nasty taste.
  4. Distraction– Now this one may or may not work as it depends on what distraction it is but I like to listen to music with my headphones on or an audio book, but only use headphones as a passenger, but try and avoid looking down, this can cause more severe nausea and has been my down fall many times.
  5. Ginger biscuits– This one may sound slightly odd, and probably isn’t going to be great if you don’t like the taste of ginger, but ginger is proven to reduce the feeling of nausea in a person and therefore I sometimes like to bring a few with me in a bag just in case, plus I’ve been a life saver a number of times since my little sisters and mum all suffer from travel sickness so it’s been Hannah to the rescue on a number of occasions.
  6. Deep breaths– An Oldie but goodie one here but it actually works open a window of the car and just take nice long deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. 
  7. Anti sickness wristbands- I used to use these when I was younger they are great for kids, they are a band with a little smooth ball on and you wear them on the wrist and they press a pressure point in your wrists that cures sickness, now I’m sure they may not work on everybody but they used to work on me, and not just motion sickness but for any when else you get nausea.
  8. Sleep– Now if you suffer with motion sickness severely  like I did then you may want to think about getting l some sleep whilst on a journey instead of fighting the need to fall asleep as I used to on long journey, this just for passengers only though so no falling asleep at the wheel.

So these was some ways you can combat the dreaded travel sickness, these are some of the ways that works on me and my travel sickness, but if you have anymore let me know in the comments, I hope you found this useful and don’t forget to like and share.

Thank you.


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Date Night Ideas.

Hello hope everyone is well, today I was thinking that since it will soon be Valentine’s Day that you may need some ideas on what you and your other half could do on mark the occasion and so I have come up with a few for you to try out, there is one for every budget so here is my list.

  1. Movie and Dinner– Me and my Fiancé like to do this on a regular basis we like to go somewhere to eat, we will then go and see what films are on in the local cinema, this is a classic but a favourite of ours. Budget-££
  2. Picnic Day or Night– This one is more for when it’s slightly warmer but it is a cheap way to have a date with the one you love, you get to talk and eat what more could you want, you just need to pack up the food you would want and a blanket and find a patch of grass and set up, you could do this in the day or at night. Budget-£
  3. Stargazing– You could mix number 2 and this one together if you do it at night, this is a great one which is really romantic aswell, you could even try and spot the constellations. Budget- Free/ £
  4. Walk at beach or local park– This is a good one to get to know someone better, again you could pack a picnic and really make a day of it, another classic one but I really enjoy this one, even after 4 years of being with my other half, we always have something to talk about, plus it’s nice to just relax and unwind with the surroundings. Budget- free/£
  5. Movie/game night in– A firm favourite of my fiancé, he loves getting the PlayStation out and playing some Fifa, battlefield and call of duty together, which I don’t mind we normally get some snacks and order takeaway and just munch whilst either watching a film on Netflix or playing a video game. Budget-£
  6. Cook dinner together– This is rare one for me since we don’t live together yet but we’ve done this one before and I’ve loved it because you can teach each other little bits about cooking that the other didn’t, you can even lay the table like they do in restaurants and even get some candles if you wanted. Budget-££
  7. Barbecue– A great one for summer time, we like to get one of those disposable barbecues and get some burgers and hot dogs and cook them up and maybe have a few beers whilst they are cooking. Budget-£
  8. Visit local garden center– We used to do this one all the time since we live quite close to one, we would go around and look at all the gardens and fish that they had, and our local one also had a cafe so we would go and get a drink and an ice cream and great one for getting to know someone again.  Budget-£
  9. Bike ride together– Now we rarely done this one since I’m not very stable on a bike, but we went a couple of times and loved it (except the times I fell off). We would go around a park or ride to the garden center together which was nice to make a day of it.Budget-££
  10. Shopping– This one is nice if you can get to somewhere that has little shops where you can get into and it’s not to busy, we live In a small town, but sometimes we just go somewhere else just to get away, we love to go to Winchester for shopping. Budget-££
  11. Fairground/ arcades– Another favourite of ours, when we go to butlins resort on holiday, our favourite part is the arcades and fairground we turn into big kids and go abit crazy on the claw machines, this one is great for couples who aren’t Afraid to act like a big kid infront of people. Budget-£
  12. Swimming– I know this ones not for everyone but it can be a great time for people who do like to have a bit of childish fun again, and don’t forget to go on all of the slides and water rides they have at you local pool. Budget-£
  13. Bowling– Another fun one but this is a really great one to have a bit of fun together and a little bit of competition against each other can be healthy. Budget-£
  14. Fruit/veg picking– This one is only certain times of the year but can be really fun going thorough the fields so if you’ve got a local picking field near you I totally recommend this one for a date idea. Budget-£
  15. Bake together– Much like number 6 but bake something sweet like cupcakes or cookies, even try my lemon cupcakes recipe, my fiancé loved them. Budget-£
  16. Weekend away– This one can be quite expensive but travel somewhere you’ve never been before or even your local town and book into a hotel there go out for dinner or watch a film and enjoy the city like a tourist. Budget-£££
  17. Just desserts date– This one is for the sweet tooth lovers out there, go to your local gelato or dessert place mine is sprinkles in Southampton town center, they are normally open until 12am, so you can just have dessert instead of a meal out. Budget-££
  18. Visit and new place together– Again this is a really nice one to get to know each other, you just need to drive or get a different mode of transport to a destination that you or your partner has never been to before, so you can be like tourists for the day or even do number 16 and book into a hotel and stay for the weekend, me and my partner got a ferry to the Isle of Wight last year for his birthday and looked around the island and booked into a hotel in southampton for when we go back to mainland.Budget- £££

So these was the few date ideas I had, ready for Valentine’s Day, I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to like and share on social media.


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Our Past Butlins Adventures.

Hello everybody, I hope your having a great day, As your reading this me and my fiance are on holiday at Butlins Holiday resort in Bognor Regis, we have been there on holiday for the past 2 years, so I thought that I should do a post telling you about our past holidays too Butlins. So our first holiday together was in June 2014 and was at Butlins holiday resort in Bognor Regis, West Sussex. We spent a week there and had such a great time, we stayed in the sliver room, which is just a room and bathroom, it comes with a tv and tea making facilities in the bedroom and not much else, since we just needed the essentials as we paid for the dining hall food.

Image from
We had such a good time as it is mostly inclusive so swimming, shows, fairground and play areas are free (some do cost money) so it’s all part of the price. The shows were amazing also we went in the evening every day to see what show was on for that day, which we really enjoyed going out late at night at the bar since that was the year we both turned 18 and we never really went out so it was a nice change. The food was really nice also, it is a buffet style and is part of the price when you choose the dining plan when you book, it is only for breakfast and dinner though so you need to find your own lunch, if you feel up to it since it always fills me up, Conor on the other hand is quite fussy and didn’t eat that much since they never really had much that he liked. Our favourite part was defiantly the Arcades with the claw machines and the machines where you can win tickets, I remember we collected so many tickets through out the week. There is lots of things to do there that you do having to pay for like mini golf, Bowling, some rides, arcades, rock climbing and other activities. There is also plenty of bars and places to eat and drink such as Burger King, papa johns, the diner, bar Rosso and plenty more. Also the beach is really nearby and also the town with some really great shops.There is plenty of gift shops on resort for you to buy any gifts of sweets.

The second time we went was October 2015 and we stayed in the same accommodation as the first time but we never got the food dining plan, as Conor didn’t really eat that much last time and we thought it was a waste of money so we would go to the cafe or shop for breakfast and lunch and then eat out in the restaurants for dinner, our favourite was The Diner the food was so good and had massive portions. But other than that we did pretty much the same thing as the previous year. even though we went in October the weather was nice and warm and sunny, even though it doesn’t matter too much since most of the resort is under cover.

Now that brings us too this year we had a bit more money for a holiday this year, since we both had quite well paid jobs, so we managed to afford The Gold Apartment accommodation which is Self catering, which will be better for my fussy eater of a fiance.

Image from
It comes with a kitchen/diner equipped with a cooker,fridge, microwave, dishwasher and all of the kitchen essentials , living room with a tv, 2 Bedrooms one twin and one double with a TV in the double room and wardrobes, Bathroom with shower and it comes with towels and housekeeping daily which we never had before since you had to pay extra. We are staying from to 10th October to the 14th October, I will do a post on it afterwards to let you know how everything was.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoyed reading all about our past Butlins adventures and don’t forget to like this post and follow my blog so you see all of my future posts.I will link the Butlins website down below if you wanted to look more into a break, I totally recommend it, we always have the best time here and it just proves you don’t have to spend a lot of money or go out of the country to have a good time.


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Day out too the Isle of Wight.

A few weeks ago me, my little sister and my mum all went out on a day trip too East and West Cowes on the Isle of Wight. We went over on the Red Funnel ferry leaving from Southampton port, the ferry ride took about 1 hour to get over too East Cowes, the ride went quite quickly and their was food and drink on board, and you could sit on the outside deck and watch all of the views as you go out of Southampton, such as Victoria county park etc. Then once you dock into East Cowes you can go to some of the local attractions such as the Osborne house or the classic boat museum, however we did not go to these and we caught the chain ferry over too West cowes which is where most of the shops and cafes are, so after a quick ride over to the other side we could finally get our trip underway, now I was the only one too come over to this part of the island so I had to lead the way we looked around the quaint little bric n brac shops, and the M&S food hall to pick up some mini Colin the caterpillars (only the best cake treat ever, I am officially obsessed) and some sweets. We finally wondered into a little cafe where we had some lunch as there is a shortage of any McDonald (much to my little sisters dismay) that we could find. After that we went for a walk on the promenade, avoiding some of the boats they was displaying for a boat show, we then saw our ferry coming in and as there not very regular we thought that we better get heading back, there was a bit of panic waiting for the chain ferry as we saw our ferry dock, but we made it with time to spare as foot passengers had to go in the same way as the cars but the cars had to be on first. We then made our way back and sat down inside but was right in front so we could see everything quite well.

So that was our adventure to the Isle of Wight, I had such a lovely time and will defiantly be returning again as all the other times I had been has been great, even though one was for a Hen Do, so even the night life is good on the island. I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing all about my Isle of Wight adventure, I defiantly recommend it to anyone a very relaxing day out.