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Zoella Double creme body cream review

Today I will be reviewing the fairly new Double creme body cream from Zoella sweet inspirations range. Now I LOVE all of the beauty ranges from Zoella and whenever she brings out anything new I need to instantly have it, so when she announced the sweet inspirations range I went out on the day it came out in stores and brought nearly all of the products, but the double creme stood out to me the most as I love a good body cream. This product has a subtle sweet macaron scented fragrance which is just the right balance of sweet which is not overpowering, which is something you really want from a body cream, the scent also stays with you through out the day, which I really like in a cream. The consistency is really great as well as in some body creams or butters they can be hard to blend into the skin or just sit on your skin, whereas this does not it just melt into your skin and really feels soft when smoothing into your skin and doesn’t leave a sticky texture behind, it makes your skin feel super soft also which can be rare in a product like this, as it can sometimes leave a residue behind,so you can instantly get dressed after application with out getting stuck whilst trying to put your jeans etc on. The cost of this product is £5.00 which I don’t think is that expensive, but since most of Zoellas audience is younger girls then maybe £5 for a body cream is a bit pricey, but altogether I think for the quality of the product it is worth it.Another thing about this product is the packaging, I love all of Zoellas products packaging as that is my sort of style I like, I think she has done a great job as it looks very appealing to the eye and it’s extra good as the product lives up to the expectation of the packaging, as I’ve known some products be well presented but lack in quality as its not the packaging you are buying it for. Overall I give this product 10/10 rating as there is nothing really negative about this product in my opinion and experience with the product. You can get this product in store and online at Superdrug, And online at Feel Unique. And also don’t forget to check out Zoella on YouTube and all of her other beauty, books and new lifestyle range, she is one of my favourite you tubers I have been watching her videos since the beginning. So I hope you’ve enjoyed my review and don’t forget to check out the rest of my posts.


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Lush Aqua Marina face and body cleanser review.

This product is a great all round cleanser for the face and body, however I mainly use it as a face product. I used to suffer from acne and had tried nearly every cleanser , scrub or mask out on the market for acne prone skin and none worked, not even a cleanser and medication from the doctors or Dermatologist. Nothing seemed to work. Until I came into my local lush store to stock up on my bath bombs when one of the employees approached me regarding if I needed any help, and that is when I asked her if she recommended any skin care products for sensitive, blemish prone skin. And she suggested the Aqua Marina cleanser as it was made from all natural ingredients and the ingrediants in it was proven to help with sensitive skin and acne prone skin. I have been using it now for a couple of years and it is my go to cleanser, I completely cleared up my skin after a couple of weeks, and it has kept my acne under control, for the past couple of years to the point where some days I don’t need to wear make up and on the days where  I want too I can just wear a light bb cream, instead for the heavy foundation that I used to wear.It has a clean fresh scent which is good as I have had some skincare that can be very over powering with perfume, where as this is light. Another thing I must say is how soft it leaves my skin feeling after I use it,this could be due to the seaweed and aloe vera which is in it but it makes my skin so soft you just cant stop smoothing your face. The only down side to this product would be the consistency, as it is quite hard to make it smooth enough that you can lather it on your face. But other than that this product is a really amazing product, it really worked clear my skin up so I would recommend it to anyone that has sensitive, acne prone skin, or even just normal skin types, it is a great all around product with I purchase over and over again, and I will remain to do so in the future.

The price of this product is £7.25 per 100g, which is more on the expensive side for a face cleanser, but I think it is well worth it for the results I got from the product.

You can find this product in any Lush stores or online at


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