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Italian inspired Chicken Burgers.

Hello everybody today I will be posting my recipe for my boyfriends favourite meal that I make for him. Since I am vegetarian I do not eat these but I do cook them for Conor since he is a fussy eater and he isn’t the best cook in the world and if I let him he would live on chicken nuggets and chips alone, so here is my recipe for an amazing chicken burger for fussy eaters.

You will need.

1 Chicken Breast per burger 
1 Teaspoon Red/green pesto
Handful of Breadcrumbs
Ciabatta rolls
Slices of buffalo Mozzarella
Slices of Tomato



  1. Butterfly and flatten out your chicken breast till they are flat enough so it will cook evenly.
  2. Spread the pesto onto the chicken on both sides.
  3. Next place your chicken breast into the breadcrumbs and coat until it sticks to the pesto.
  4. Heat up some oil in a frying pan then cook the breaded chicken until cooked all the way through and the breadcrumbs have gone golden.
  5. whilst your chicken is cooking prepare your other bits for your burgers so slice your ciabatta rolls in half spread on mayonnaise, place on some leaves of lettuce, then some slices of tomato and lastly a slice of buffalo mozzarella make sure this is in top so when you place on the chicken it will melt so make sure it is on top of all the other extras.
  6. Now once your chicken is cooked fully place on top on mozzerella place on the top bun and enjoy.

 So there you have a really easy 6 step meal that is tasty and fussy eater approved. I normally serve it with some homemade chips cooked in the oven for 40 minutes with some oil, salt and pepper on top they are delicious. 



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Easy Cherry fairy cakes recipe. 

Hello everyone and today I will be posting this recipe on my cherry fairy cakes now they are filled with scrumptious glacé cherries they are so yummy, so here’s the recipe I hope you enjoy. 

Makes 12 cupcakes.

Cake Sponge method-

  1. Preheat oven to 180°c gas mark 4,  and line your cupcake tray with your cupcake cases. 
  2. Cream together the butter and sugar in a bowl until fluffy and lighter in colour.
  3. Add in the eggs, vanilla extract and milk and mix until light and creamy in texture.
  4.  Sieve the flour and baking powder into the mixture and mix together until light and fluffy.
  5. Now chop 3/4 of your glacè cherries in quarters and add to the mixture, your going to need to leave out the other 1/4 of the pot to decorate the cakes later. 
  6. Next spoon in even amounts of mixture into your cases about half of the case should be fine.
  7. Put your cupcakes in your preheated oven for about 15-20 minutes checking on them throughout to make sure they are not over cooking. 
  8. Once cooked take out and cool on cooling rack, once they have completely cooled you can the decorate them.

Buttercream icing method- 

  1. Using a electric whisk or a spatula or wooden spoon, beat together the room temperature butter until it becomes lighter in colour and like mayonnaise in texture.
  2. Once you have achieved this, sieve in the icing sugar.
  3. Now add in your vanilla extract and milk, and mix together until all the ingredients are blended and it’s looking fluffy and light in colour. If using a electric whisk make sure not to over whisk, so keep an eye on it as this can happen quite quickly.
  4. Once your cakes have completely cooled, now this is also important since if they are still warm then the icing will melt right of the cupcakes, place your icing into a piping bag with a star nozzle and start piping which ever design your desire, you can also spread on your buttercream using a palette knife like I did since I didnt have any piping bags. 
  5. Now to top off your cupcakes with the rest of the cherries you saved and cut them in half and place on top of each cupcake and voila you have 12 delicious cupcakes to enjoy.

    Thank you for reading this post I hope you found this useful, these are one of my favourite cakes. I always enjoy baking cakes I find it very therapeutic so I had a baking session the other day and made 
    these and some of my yummy lemon curd cupcakes but from scratch, which I have a recipe on (link in photo). 


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    My Top 5 Speedy Vegetarian Dinners.

    Hello Everyone hope your all well, for today’s post I will be sharing my favourite vegetarian dinners. Now I have recently become a vegetarian on the grounds of watching a horrific slaughter-house video that just made me think about eating meat, now I am currently just vegetarian and not gone all out vegan, even though I need to stay away from dairy products anyway since I am also lactose intolerant. So When I first started this diet I was really struggling on what to eat for dinner, since that is when my family would eat meat products mainly, so I popped to my local supermarket which is waitrose and picked up a little meat alternative bits and these are the Top 5 things I like to have if I’m in a rush or I just don’t feel like cooking from scratch.

    Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages.vegetarian-sausages-packshot

    Now I was really amazed by these now I’m not actually not too keen on normal pork sausages, so I was comprehensive when I got these, but they are the best sausages I have ever had they are full with so much flavour, I normally think there is a stigma attached to vegetarian/ vegan foods that they are not going to be tasty, but these was better than the real deal in my opinion. I partnered these with a good helping of mash potato and a small tin of baked beans. It has become one of my favourite meals since starting this diet.

    Quorn chicken and Mushroom Pie.

    SCY250This is another great comfort food favourite of mine that I thought I would miss with not eating meat, but when I found this in waitrose I just had to try it and it really was just as good if not better than the real deal. I partnered this one with some buttery mashed potato and Heinz Five Beans Baked beans, and it was super yummy.




    Linda McCartney vegetarian country pies.

    deep-dish-country-pies-packshotAnother product from Linda McCartney food, you may see quite a few in this post because I just think that these products taste the best out of the other products on the market. Now this one is another that is so full of flavour it is unreal how much I love it. I partner this one with some mash and green vegetables like green beans etc.

    Linda McCartney vegetarian mushroom and mozzarella burgers.mushroom-spinach-burgers-packshot

    These are really tasty and have a lot of flavour that is a recurring aspect to the Linda
    McCartney range, now I don’t normally like burgers, But I was intrigued to try these due to how good the rest of the products are so I tried them and loved them they are super yummy. I loved mine in a brioche bun with a slice of tomato and some chips.




    Homemade Pasta Bake.

    This one is really easy to make and you just really need 3 ingredients which is Cooked Pasta, Chopped tomatoes and cheese. You add the tomatoes and pasta in a baking dish then add the grated cheese on top and cook for about 20 minuets, or when the cheese melts and starts to brown. You can also add some herbs in with the tomatoes to add some flavour. This is great because it is quick and easy, doesn’t take too many ingrediants and tastes amazing, it is one of my favourites.


    So these was my top 5 favourite vegetarian Dinners, I hope you found this useful and enjoyed this post. This was not a paid promotion in any way, and all of the opinions in this post are of my own. All Images have been linked to their rightful owners.

    Thank You.




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    Home made Chicken, leek and white wine pie recipe.

    Hi everybody I’m finally back with another post, the reason I haven’t posted in a while is because I’ve taken some time away from most social media over the past couple of weeks since I have been very busy with my birthday and then also super busy with work since I’ve been doing extra hours etc. So anyway I’m back with my chicken, leek and white wine pie recipe now this is one I made from scratch except from the pastry, now I served mine with mashed potatoes and some mixed steamed vegetables, so I hope you enjoy this recipe.


    2 tablespoons butter

    2 lbs boneless skinless chicken thighs or breast.

    2 cups Chicken stock 

    2 medium leeks, trimmed, washed and sliced into 1/2 inch pieces

    2 carrots, peeled and roughly chopped

    2 teaspoons dried thyme 

    2 ½ tablespoons flour

    1 glass white wine

    1 ¼ cups milk 



    1 lb puff pastry ( I used ready rolled from the shop)

    1 egg ( for egg wash on pastry)


    1. In a large pan poach chicken until cooked all the way through in some chicken stock, carrots, leeks, thyme and salt & pepper.
    2. Once poached remove chicken and veg through a sieve and keep chicken stock in a separate jug.
    3. Tear chicken in to pieces with two forks. 
    4. Add butter and flour into pan and keep on stiring whilst that turns into paste, keep on adding the chicken stock bits at a time until you get to a smooth custard like consistency. 
    5. Once the roux has finished take off heat and keep to the side.
    6. Add the chicken and vegetables back into heat and add in white wine and milk and keep stiring keeping an eye that it doesn’t burn to bottom of pan, then add in the roux sauce made before and simmer until mixture thickens, stirring often.
    7. Once this is simmering roll out the pastry and cut out enough pastry to cover top of dish, it doesn’t need to be perfect at this stage as we will trim later
    8. Once your chicken mixture has thickened up, leave to cool slightly since putting pastry on top of it whilst it is still hot will cause the butter in the pastry to melt and it will become soggy.
    9. Once cooled add mixture to dish about 3/4 of the way, then add pastry on top, trim up the edges of your pie using a knife.
    10. Place in oven at 200°c, gas mark 6 just until the top of pasty has gone golden brown, mine took around 15-20 minutes, but this may differ on other ovens. 
    11. Once golden brown take out of oven and enjoy with some mashed potatoes and vegetables on the side. 

    So this was my recipe for my homemade chicken, leek and white wine pie, I hope you found this useful, thank you very much for reading.


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    Graze box subscription unboxing/mini review. 

    Hi everyone, today I will be posting about my latest subscription of graze boxes, now I have used this service before and loved it, what more could you ask for food getting sent to you through the post, and it has remained a firm favourite of mine so I thought that for this weeks box I will show you what I received in it. For those of you that are not aware of graze they are a company that specialise in homemade healthy snacks, and are well known for there graze subscription boxes, but you can also find them in selected stores around the uk. You can find them at

    So this is what you receive through the post, it comes from the postman which posts it through your letter box. You also can choose which days you want to receive your box on which is always good to know when you will receive your treats. 

    So once you open your box you get four little individual snacks which is very useful so you can pop one in your bag to take to work, school or just to go on a day out. So in this box I recieved cookies & cream which is a mix of white chocolate buttons, mini cocoa cookies, cocoa fudge and sunflower seeds.

      I also recieved in this box a section of lightly toasted pistachio nuts, now these happen to be my favourite just plain and simple but still my favourite, they was also lightly salted for added flavour. 

      I also got in this box Jaffa cake, which is a mix of dark chocolate buttons, orange raisins and roasted hazelnuts, I’ve never had this one in my time of graze and I really enjoyed this one, and when you have one of each item it really does taste like a Jaffa cake.  

      The last snack I received was one of my favourites which is Belgian speculoos which is super yummy cinnamon pretzel sticks and a scrumptious cookie dip, this was love at first taste for me and would love it if they sold this one in stores but unfortunately not so I just wait for it to come around in my boxes. 

      So this was my post on my unboxing of graze box uk, I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you.


       This is not a paid promotion.

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      Ten Healthier snack Ideas.

      Good afternoon everyone today I will be posting about the top ten snacks that I eat when I feel a bit peckish and I’m trying to be healthier, now I am and always been a snacker never much into massive meals but I do love a good snack. So I thought I would share these with you.

      1. Whole almonds.
      2. Almond butter and apple slices
      3. Bananas 
      4. Smoothie 
      5. Protein shakes
      6. Carrot sticks 
      7. Protein bars/ balls etc.
      8. Satsumas 
      9. Homepopped Popcorn 
      10. Rice cakes. (My favourite is salt and vinegar snack a jacks) 

      These was my Ten ‘healthier’ snack ideas, hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. thank you.


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      Date Night Ideas.

      Hello hope everyone is well, today I was thinking that since it will soon be Valentine’s Day that you may need some ideas on what you and your other half could do on mark the occasion and so I have come up with a few for you to try out, there is one for every budget so here is my list.

      1. Movie and Dinner– Me and my Fiancé like to do this on a regular basis we like to go somewhere to eat, we will then go and see what films are on in the local cinema, this is a classic but a favourite of ours. Budget-££
      2. Picnic Day or Night– This one is more for when it’s slightly warmer but it is a cheap way to have a date with the one you love, you get to talk and eat what more could you want, you just need to pack up the food you would want and a blanket and find a patch of grass and set up, you could do this in the day or at night. Budget-£
      3. Stargazing– You could mix number 2 and this one together if you do it at night, this is a great one which is really romantic aswell, you could even try and spot the constellations. Budget- Free/ £
      4. Walk at beach or local park– This is a good one to get to know someone better, again you could pack a picnic and really make a day of it, another classic one but I really enjoy this one, even after 4 years of being with my other half, we always have something to talk about, plus it’s nice to just relax and unwind with the surroundings. Budget- free/£
      5. Movie/game night in– A firm favourite of my fiancé, he loves getting the PlayStation out and playing some Fifa, battlefield and call of duty together, which I don’t mind we normally get some snacks and order takeaway and just munch whilst either watching a film on Netflix or playing a video game. Budget-£
      6. Cook dinner together– This is rare one for me since we don’t live together yet but we’ve done this one before and I’ve loved it because you can teach each other little bits about cooking that the other didn’t, you can even lay the table like they do in restaurants and even get some candles if you wanted. Budget-££
      7. Barbecue– A great one for summer time, we like to get one of those disposable barbecues and get some burgers and hot dogs and cook them up and maybe have a few beers whilst they are cooking. Budget-£
      8. Visit local garden center– We used to do this one all the time since we live quite close to one, we would go around and look at all the gardens and fish that they had, and our local one also had a cafe so we would go and get a drink and an ice cream and great one for getting to know someone again.  Budget-£
      9. Bike ride together– Now we rarely done this one since I’m not very stable on a bike, but we went a couple of times and loved it (except the times I fell off). We would go around a park or ride to the garden center together which was nice to make a day of it.Budget-££
      10. Shopping– This one is nice if you can get to somewhere that has little shops where you can get into and it’s not to busy, we live In a small town, but sometimes we just go somewhere else just to get away, we love to go to Winchester for shopping. Budget-££
      11. Fairground/ arcades– Another favourite of ours, when we go to butlins resort on holiday, our favourite part is the arcades and fairground we turn into big kids and go abit crazy on the claw machines, this one is great for couples who aren’t Afraid to act like a big kid infront of people. Budget-£
      12. Swimming– I know this ones not for everyone but it can be a great time for people who do like to have a bit of childish fun again, and don’t forget to go on all of the slides and water rides they have at you local pool. Budget-£
      13. Bowling– Another fun one but this is a really great one to have a bit of fun together and a little bit of competition against each other can be healthy. Budget-£
      14. Fruit/veg picking– This one is only certain times of the year but can be really fun going thorough the fields so if you’ve got a local picking field near you I totally recommend this one for a date idea. Budget-£
      15. Bake together– Much like number 6 but bake something sweet like cupcakes or cookies, even try my lemon cupcakes recipe, my fiancé loved them. Budget-£
      16. Weekend away– This one can be quite expensive but travel somewhere you’ve never been before or even your local town and book into a hotel there go out for dinner or watch a film and enjoy the city like a tourist. Budget-£££
      17. Just desserts date– This one is for the sweet tooth lovers out there, go to your local gelato or dessert place mine is sprinkles in Southampton town center, they are normally open until 12am, so you can just have dessert instead of a meal out. Budget-££
      18. Visit and new place together– Again this is a really nice one to get to know each other, you just need to drive or get a different mode of transport to a destination that you or your partner has never been to before, so you can be like tourists for the day or even do number 16 and book into a hotel and stay for the weekend, me and my partner got a ferry to the Isle of Wight last year for his birthday and looked around the island and booked into a hotel in southampton for when we go back to mainland.Budget- £££

      So these was the few date ideas I had, ready for Valentine’s Day, I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to like and share on social media.


      All images have been linked to rightful owners.