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My Top Ten songs January 2017

Hello everyone hope your all well, this evening I will be posting about my Top Ten songs of January 2017, in order of favourites, so I hope you enjoy this post.

  1. Ed Sheeran- Castle on the Hill
  2. Ed Sheeran- Shape of you
  3. Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello – Bad Things
  4. I Got You- Bebe Rexha
  5. Touch- Little Mix
  6. September Song- JP Cooper
  7. You Dont Know Me – Jax Jones
  8. Now and Later- Sage the Gemini 
  9. Oops- Little Mix Ft. Charlie Puth
  10. Call on Me/ Ryan Riback Remix-Starley. 

So these was my Top Ten songs of January 2017, I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to like and share this on social media. Thank you.


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My Vinyl Records collection so far.

Hello hope everyone is well today, I thought for today’s post I will write about my collection of vinyl records. Now for Christmas 2016 I got a Crosley record player here it is in action playing some James Bay. And since I got this I’ve been obsessed with adding to my collection of vinyl records which is not a cheap hobby might I add with them being from £20 for an album, It can start to add up if you want to get all of your favourites, so I thought I would share these with you what I’ve got so far.

Okay so Ed sheeran is my favourite artist of all time I love every single one of his songs he’s ever made including his 2 new songs ‘shape of you’and ‘castle on the hill’ , I just had to get his two albums X and + on vinyl and I’m glad I did the fact that X features mine and my fiancé special song ‘Thinking out loud’ it makes it a favourite of ours and he sounds even better in vinyl, which I thought was impossible.

Now even though people from my generation is not normally fans of their style of music, I happen to love the Beatles so I decided to buy ‘sgt peppers lonely hearts club band’ and ‘ The Beatles greatest hits 62-65’ because they have a nice range of some of my favourite songs by them.

So Frank Sinatra is another one which I surprisingly love and that style of music, I swear I was born in the wrong era because I love all of the music from that period of time. So I could help but get it when I saw it in the store.

Now Elvis is my dads favourite and when I was younger I always remember my dad singing and playing his music all the time so I think this is why I love his songs my favourite is ‘can’t help falling in love’ I could listen to it all day.

Coldplay is my favourite band of all time and so I had to get their newest album on vinyl, plus I don’t have any of these songs on my iPhone so I like to put on the record to listen to it.

James Bay is probably up there with Ed sheeran I like every song on this album so I really wanted to get this one for a while but couldn’t find it in HMV or my local record shop so I ordered it off amazon and it was worth the wait.

And lastly George Ezra is someone that I used to love his music but I sort of forgot about, so when I saw this in HMV I just couldn’t wait to get it home and listen to all of the songs again and I’m glad I brought it because I remembered how good he actually is,but I must say side A is  my favourite.

So this was my vinyl records collection, thank you for reading this and don’t forget to like and share this on social media it would really help me out, thank you.