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Date Night Ideas.

Hello hope everyone is well, today I was thinking that since it will soon be Valentine’s Day that you may need some ideas on what you and your other half could do on mark the occasion and so I have come up with a few for you to try out, there is one for every budget so here is my list.

  1. Movie and Dinner– Me and my Fiancé like to do this on a regular basis we like to go somewhere to eat, we will then go and see what films are on in the local cinema, this is a classic but a favourite of ours. Budget-££
  2. Picnic Day or Night– This one is more for when it’s slightly warmer but it is a cheap way to have a date with the one you love, you get to talk and eat what more could you want, you just need to pack up the food you would want and a blanket and find a patch of grass and set up, you could do this in the day or at night. Budget-£
  3. Stargazing– You could mix number 2 and this one together if you do it at night, this is a great one which is really romantic aswell, you could even try and spot the constellations. Budget- Free/ £
  4. Walk at beach or local park– This is a good one to get to know someone better, again you could pack a picnic and really make a day of it, another classic one but I really enjoy this one, even after 4 years of being with my other half, we always have something to talk about, plus it’s nice to just relax and unwind with the surroundings. Budget- free/£
  5. Movie/game night in– A firm favourite of my fiancé, he loves getting the PlayStation out and playing some Fifa, battlefield and call of duty together, which I don’t mind we normally get some snacks and order takeaway and just munch whilst either watching a film on Netflix or playing a video game. Budget-£
  6. Cook dinner together– This is rare one for me since we don’t live together yet but we’ve done this one before and I’ve loved it because you can teach each other little bits about cooking that the other didn’t, you can even lay the table like they do in restaurants and even get some candles if you wanted. Budget-££
  7. Barbecue– A great one for summer time, we like to get one of those disposable barbecues and get some burgers and hot dogs and cook them up and maybe have a few beers whilst they are cooking. Budget-£
  8. Visit local garden center– We used to do this one all the time since we live quite close to one, we would go around and look at all the gardens and fish that they had, and our local one also had a cafe so we would go and get a drink and an ice cream and great one for getting to know someone again.  Budget-£
  9. Bike ride together– Now we rarely done this one since I’m not very stable on a bike, but we went a couple of times and loved it (except the times I fell off). We would go around a park or ride to the garden center together which was nice to make a day of it.Budget-££
  10. Shopping– This one is nice if you can get to somewhere that has little shops where you can get into and it’s not to busy, we live In a small town, but sometimes we just go somewhere else just to get away, we love to go to Winchester for shopping. Budget-££
  11. Fairground/ arcades– Another favourite of ours, when we go to butlins resort on holiday, our favourite part is the arcades and fairground we turn into big kids and go abit crazy on the claw machines, this one is great for couples who aren’t Afraid to act like a big kid infront of people. Budget-£
  12. Swimming– I know this ones not for everyone but it can be a great time for people who do like to have a bit of childish fun again, and don’t forget to go on all of the slides and water rides they have at you local pool. Budget-£
  13. Bowling– Another fun one but this is a really great one to have a bit of fun together and a little bit of competition against each other can be healthy. Budget-£
  14. Fruit/veg picking– This one is only certain times of the year but can be really fun going thorough the fields so if you’ve got a local picking field near you I totally recommend this one for a date idea. Budget-£
  15. Bake together– Much like number 6 but bake something sweet like cupcakes or cookies, even try my lemon cupcakes recipe, my fiancé loved them. Budget-£
  16. Weekend away– This one can be quite expensive but travel somewhere you’ve never been before or even your local town and book into a hotel there go out for dinner or watch a film and enjoy the city like a tourist. Budget-£££
  17. Just desserts date– This one is for the sweet tooth lovers out there, go to your local gelato or dessert place mine is sprinkles in Southampton town center, they are normally open until 12am, so you can just have dessert instead of a meal out. Budget-££
  18. Visit and new place together– Again this is a really nice one to get to know each other, you just need to drive or get a different mode of transport to a destination that you or your partner has never been to before, so you can be like tourists for the day or even do number 16 and book into a hotel and stay for the weekend, me and my partner got a ferry to the Isle of Wight last year for his birthday and looked around the island and booked into a hotel in southampton for when we go back to mainland.Budget- £££

So these was the few date ideas I had, ready for Valentine’s Day, I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to like and share on social media.


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Our Engagement story 💍

In this post I’m going to be sharing mine and my fiancés (Conor) story of how we came to be engaged. So we had known each other for quite awhile even before we got together, since we was friends back at school and even dated back when we was 15, but that soon broke off and we remained friends. And when school ended we both headed off to the same college and we soon got talking again through some awkward stares on the train home we finally got back together on the 25th February 2013. Nearly 2 years passed and we just knew that we was going to be together for a really long time and after holidays together and not ripping each other’s throats out we just knew we was destined to be together. Then on Christmas Day 2014 Conor completely took me by surprise when he took me for a walk around our local park where he took me up to the band stand and he got down on one knee and proposed and I had not one clue,it was a complete surprise. So of course I said YES. And so after nearly another 2 years we are still stronger than ever saving up for our own house and hopefully soon our wedding. So this was the story of our engagement which is a massive part of my humble adventure.💍👰🏼