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Top 5 favourite Christmas films.

Hello everyone hope your all well, now as I’m writing this I am sat in costa drinking one of their gingerbread lattes, whilst in a shopping mall which is all decorated for Christmas and so I was thinking about my favourite holiday themed films. So here are my top 5 for you.

  1. Elf- This film is a classic in our house, I need to watch it every year to help get me in the Christmassy mood, it is a family comedy which will never get old in my opinion.
  2. The Santa Clause 1,2 & 3 – This is another  family classic comedy, starring Tim Allen, all 3 is just as good as the first, which is very unusual for sequels.
  3. Home alone- Yet again it’s not Christmas unless home alone is on the TV, unlike The Santa Claus the sequels was definitely not as good as the first, which is a true classic holiday film.
  4. Polar express- This one is an amazing film , I mean I love any film that has Tom Hanks in so it is a win win, because it is a film you get defiantly get cosy and watch.
  5. How the grinch stole Christmas- Dr Seuss is one of my favourite children’s authors, so when they brought out this movie version of the book , I used to watch it over and over again, since I also love Jim Carrey I couldn’t help but watch it, especially seeing his portrayal is so hilarious, a favourite for all of my family.

So these are my Top 5 Christmas films, I hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to like and follow my blog so you know when I post in the future, thank you.


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My Autumn/ Fall Essentials 

Today I’m going to be sharing my top 10 essentials I need for Autumn or fall time.

1. Candles- I love Candles so much I collect all different scents and types, so these have got to be a big part of my Autumn essentials, my favourite is Yankee candles, there is a Yankee candle shop near where I live and I spend a lot of my time and money in there. A few of my favourite fall time scents are…                     Snow in love- This is actually a winter candle but I love it all year round.

Honey clementine-This one is a new scent for 2016.

Midsummers night- This one is a very deep dark scent, that just makes you feel cosy and warm.

Mandarin cranberry- This one has a lovely fruity scent that makes you feel very cosy and festive

Wedding day- My all time favourite scented candle.
2. Cosy blankets- There is nothing I love more than cuddling up to a good film on the sofa with a nice soft blanket keeping you warm, I have a couple just Incase but my favourite is one I got from Primark quite a while ago now but it is still as soft as ever.

3. Hot chocolate- My favourite hot drink is a nice creamy hot chocolate with cream and mini marshmallows, I am lucky enough to own a tassimo coffe machine and I use the cadburys chocolate pods they are so easy and delicious.

4.Hot Baths- I love a good bath especially with bubbles and a bath bomb, there is nothing quite like it before bed to get you all cosy and sleepy. I normally light some candles, get my bubble bars and bath bombs from lush and sit and wind down after a long day with a hair and face mask. My favourite lush bath bombs and bubble bars are…

Frozen bath bomb

The comforter bubble bar

Ickle baby bot bath bomb

Butterball bath bomb

Dragons egg bath bomb

Pop in the bath bubble bar

5. Fluffy socks/bed socks- Now I never go anywhere with out fluffy socks on in the fall and winter time they are my ultimate essential.

6. Cosy knitted jumpers- My favourite seasons are fall and winter time because of knitted jumpers and the fashion involved with that time of year, plus they never go out of fashion because they are a fall must have.

7.Comfort foods- This is a must, they are the meals that just make you feel all warm inside like a home cooked meal, my favourites are soups, chilli con carne, chicken cassarole with dumplings, chicken stew, sausages and mash with peas and gravy, chicken roast dinner, spaghetti Bolognese, toad in the hole, curry. 

8. Dark lipstick- Over the past couple of years I’ve been really loving a dark lip in the autumn time, one of my favourites is by Mac cosmetics, it’s called amorous it is a deep plum red colour and it is my go too dark lip shade.

9.Coffee shops- In fall time the best place to be when it’s cold or raining is a coffee shop my favourite place to go is Costa, I love their coffee or hot chocolate and their food is amazing, you can take away or eat in, which I much prefer to eat in and get on with any work or go with my fiancé or friends and family for a coffee and a chat. 

10. Medicine and tissues- This is a massive essential especially in Autumn and winter time because it’s cold and flu season with the change of weather, so you defiantly need to try and combat any germs before you get sick, because I think there is nothing worse than being ill. 

So these are my Autumn/ fall essentials, I hope you enjoyed reading this post, don’t forget to check out some of my others.


Photo supplied by Mac