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Maybelline New York Lash sensational mascara Review

Today I will be reviewing Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Mascara, I have been using this mascara for about 2 months now and I have fallen in love with it, now I always used to buy Maybelline mascara anyway so I knew that it should be good when I bought it,but I didn’t realise how good it was actually going to be. I got mine from Superdrug and it costs £7.99, which I personally think is really good for the quality of the product. The wand is a really great shape to get all of your lashes and it helps add lots of volume and I can even get my bottom lashes with out getting it everywhere.

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The actual formula of the product is also great and does not clump on your lashes like some mascara’s do, it creates volume and length to your lashes and leaves them looking luscious and long for a prolonged period of time. I’ve also tested out the waterproof version of this product and the formula really is waterproof as I went swimming in my local pool and went in a hot tub with it on and it stayed put, no panda eyes for me, but it also can be removed easily when using my micellar water and a cotton pad. The packaging is really nice and attractive to the eye , and they have a large range of different kinds such as waterproof, luscious oils, intense black etc. So it all depends on what type of look you are going for. So over all this product is a 10/10 and is going to be one of my go to mascaras of 2016, as I have already repurchased it 3 times in the past 2 months, I definitely recommend it to anyone since there is so many options for what you are looking for.I will link below where you can buy it in the Uk but it should be in any Boots, Superdrug or anywhere they sell Maybelline Make up. Thank you for reading my post.

Hi everyone, just a little note to say that next Monday (10th October) me and my fiancé will be off on holiday for 1 week so I will be pre writing some posts to be posted on my blog whilst im away, we are going to Butlins holiday resort in Bognor Regis so I will be writing all about our experience there and posting about it once we get back on the 14th, so I hope you enjoy my blog post due to come up next week on our past adventures to Butlins.


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Zoella Double creme body cream review

Today I will be reviewing the fairly new Double creme body cream from Zoella sweet inspirations range. Now I LOVE all of the beauty ranges from Zoella and whenever she brings out anything new I need to instantly have it, so when she announced the sweet inspirations range I went out on the day it came out in stores and brought nearly all of the products, but the double creme stood out to me the most as I love a good body cream. This product has a subtle sweet macaron scented fragrance which is just the right balance of sweet which is not overpowering, which is something you really want from a body cream, the scent also stays with you through out the day, which I really like in a cream. The consistency is really great as well as in some body creams or butters they can be hard to blend into the skin or just sit on your skin, whereas this does not it just melt into your skin and really feels soft when smoothing into your skin and doesn’t leave a sticky texture behind, it makes your skin feel super soft also which can be rare in a product like this, as it can sometimes leave a residue behind,so you can instantly get dressed after application with out getting stuck whilst trying to put your jeans etc on. The cost of this product is £5.00 which I don’t think is that expensive, but since most of Zoellas audience is younger girls then maybe £5 for a body cream is a bit pricey, but altogether I think for the quality of the product it is worth it.Another thing about this product is the packaging, I love all of Zoellas products packaging as that is my sort of style I like, I think she has done a great job as it looks very appealing to the eye and it’s extra good as the product lives up to the expectation of the packaging, as I’ve known some products be well presented but lack in quality as its not the packaging you are buying it for. Overall I give this product 10/10 rating as there is nothing really negative about this product in my opinion and experience with the product. You can get this product in store and online at Superdrug, And online at Feel Unique. And also don’t forget to check out Zoella on YouTube and all of her other beauty, books and new lifestyle range, she is one of my favourite you tubers I have been watching her videos since the beginning. So I hope you’ve enjoyed my review and don’t forget to check out the rest of my posts.