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Ten Healthier snack Ideas.

Good afternoon everyone today I will be posting about the top ten snacks that I eat when I feel a bit peckish and I’m trying to be healthier, now I am and always been a snacker never much into massive meals but I do love a good snack. So I thought I would share these with you.

  1. Whole almonds.
  2. Almond butter and apple slices
  3. Bananas 
  4. Smoothie 
  5. Protein shakes
  6. Carrot sticks 
  7. Protein bars/ balls etc.
  8. Satsumas 
  9. Homepopped Popcorn 
  10. Rice cakes. (My favourite is salt and vinegar snack a jacks) 

These was my Ten ‘healthier’ snack ideas, hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. thank you.


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My Top Ten songs January 2017

Hello everyone hope your all well, this evening I will be posting about my Top Ten songs of January 2017, in order of favourites, so I hope you enjoy this post.

  1. Ed Sheeran- Castle on the Hill
  2. Ed Sheeran- Shape of you
  3. Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello – Bad Things
  4. I Got You- Bebe Rexha
  5. Touch- Little Mix
  6. September Song- JP Cooper
  7. You Dont Know Me – Jax Jones
  8. Now and Later- Sage the Gemini 
  9. Oops- Little Mix Ft. Charlie Puth
  10. Call on Me/ Ryan Riback Remix-Starley. 

So these was my Top Ten songs of January 2017, I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to like and share this on social media. Thank you.


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My Top 10 Healthcare Assistant essentials.

Hi, as some of you may know if you had read my ‘about me’page I have been working as a healthcare assistant for about 2 1/2 years now and has worked in a number of different environments including community residential care, Nursing home and now I am working in a residential, physiotherapy rehabilitation and dementia specialist care home. So I thought I would do a post on some of the essentials that you would need and that I use as a healthcare assistant.

  1. Alcohol handrub– This one is pretty self explanatory due to the hygiene factor of the profession, however this one is mainly for people working in the community since in a care or nursing home they should have them there scattered about where as you don’t if it’s other people’s homes, so this is a must. You can get ones that clip on to your uniform so you never lose it.
  2. Nurses Fob watch– Another useful one because time is a big part of the profession, whether it’s filling out documents, medication time needs or cooking times you will always need to be checking the time and you can’t keep on looking for a clock or looking at your phone, so a fob watch allows you to always have the time on you just connected to you uniform at easy reach.
  3. Lots and lots of black ink pens- Now this one is again pretty self explanatory but you will need to write something in this job through out the day somewhen so I tend to try and keep atleast 3 or even 4 pens on me, this is mainly because I’ve either lost them or the little pen fairy comes and takes them. So I now advise people to keep a lot of pens on them in the profession.
  4. Hair ties– Now this one is for the woman or men with longer hair, but this is a must for me I never understand why people wear there hair down in this job, because it is a hard job and they need to keep care and nursing homes and the homes of the clients really warm since the elderly find the cold really easily, so you most probably will sweat somewhen in the day and when I have my hair down it just makes it worse so I tend to always put my hair up.
  5. Comfortable shoes- Now this one is a must, since I work 12 hour shifts my feet used to be in agony by lunch time but a month or so ago I brought some sketchers memory foam gel trainers specially for work and they are the best purchase I’ve ever made, my feet don’t ache half as much as they did before. I got mine on amazon and I would recommend this to anyone in this profession because there is a lot of walking.
  6. Deodorant– This one is pretty self explanatory since you might be sweating quite a lot I recommend a powerful anti perspirant.
  7. Pain killers– Because the profession we are in can be very heavy and physical, I suggest just carrying with you some pain killers since you could injure yourself or get aches and pains, so to tackle the issue of pain it’s always essential to have some form of pain relief close at hand just in case.
  8. Water– This one is a must due to the fact that if you perspire you need to replenish those lost fluids, so many times I’ve seen people get dehydrated through not drinking enough at work, so I carry around a bottle of water around with me so I can keep up my fluids, I also feel like it gives me more energy.
  9. High in protein foods- Speaking of energy when your working a long shift you need to keep your energy levels quite high and you can do this by eating foods which are high in protein. 
  10. Hand cream or barrier cream and lip balm- Now I find I get very dry chapped hands and lips in this profession it’s due to the central heating, possible dehydration, wetting of hands and not drying them properly and also the wearing of the gloves. So I like to combat this by always carrying a small tube of hand cream/ barrier cream and a tube of lip balm, in my pocket so I can apply when ever I need them. I like to use a Nivea lip balm and I’ve been using E45 barrier cream, you can find both at a local pharmacy or drugstore, such as Boots or Superdrug in the UK.

So these was my Top 10 essentials for any healthcare assistant, I hope you found this useful and don’t forget to like and share on your social medias. thank you.


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My Top 10 The Beatles songs.

Hello hope your all well today I will be posting my top 10 The Beatles songs. Now for those how read my post on my vinyl collection, you will know that I actually love the Beatles and has a number of their albums, but I’ve been listening to the album The Beatles• 1 on Spotify and I will be getting this album on vinyl, so these are some of my favourite The Beatles songs.

  1. Yesterday- The Beatles• 1
  2. Hey Jude- The Beatles•1
  3. Let it be-The Beatles• 1
  4. When I’m 64- sgt peppers lonely hearts club band.
  5. Ticket to ride- The Beatles• 1
  6. Help’- The Beatles• 1
  7. Twist and Shout- Please please me 
  8. Come together – Abbey road
  9. I want to hold your hand-The Beatles• 1
  10. Here comes the sun- Abbey road

 So these was my Top 10 The Beatles songs, To check out the songs in the albums just click on the pics above,I hope you enjoyed this post, dont forget to like and share. Thank You. 


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My 2017 New Years resolutions.🎉🍾

So these are my 2017 resolutions, I was quite glad to see the back of 2016 since it was quite a rough year for me I slipped a disc in my back and lost my job because of it, I then was unemployed for sometime and there was a few deaths in the family one being my lovely cat which I’ve had since I was 5 years old RIP sindy. But at the end of November things started to look up and I now have a wonderful job which I love and me and my partner is looking to move into our own place so hopefully this year our dream will come true. I do need to apologise for the long break I have had over the Christmas period, where I started a new job I’ve just been so busy And I had to work a 12 hour shift on Christmas Day so any time that I did have was spent with my family and loved ones so I haven’t been able to post on here but it has calmed down now so I will be posting more on here, so I hope you all enjoy what is to come, thank you so much and I wish you all a happy new year and lets make 2017 the best one yet.


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🎮My Top Ten video games 🎮

As a girl gamer myself I love a good video game ,and yes I do still love all the “girly” stuff like make up and shopping, so I’ve decided to list all of my favourites on one list so if anyone is looking for any good games just keep reading.

  1. Call of Duty- Now this has got to be my favourite of all the games out there, my favourite is the Black ops 1,2 and 3, mainly because of my favourite feature to the Black Ops series, Zombies and yes I do kick some zombie butt, my favourite maps are; five, mob of the dead, revelations, kino der toten and depot.
  2. Fifa- This one is more of Conors favourite (he got FIFA 17 the day it came out after having it pre ordered for months) but I do like playing and ruining his rep on it, I also enjoy watching him play he’s quite good, I also enjoy opening the ultimate team packs for him, and I think he likes it too as on the new one my first one I opened I got him Antoine Griezmann (which he got very excited about so he must be good)
  3. Minecraft- Oh I do love minecraft Conor hates it but I think it’s really good and it’s educational ( as said by an actual teacher), it’s also quite relaxing, I could play it for hours you just get lost in your own little world that you can create however you want.
  4. GTA5- Now this is another one that you can lose track of time with ( not quite as family friendly than minecraft) since there is so much to do and explore,my favourite part is buying clothes,hair dos, cars and pimping them out like pimp my ride and apartments. I also like the interaction you can with your friends online. Plus the graphics are outstanding. 
  5. Far cry primal- This game is amazing from its graphics too the fact you can explore so many places plus the storyline is really great also,but the stunning crisp graphics are just breathtaking.
  6. The walking dead play through- I really enjoyed playing through this one since you get to chose how it ends and gets to change the storyline to what you chose.
  7. Little big planet- This is really great for kids, I’ve had all 3 of them and even though there isn’t much difference I find, it gives you a chance to be creative.
  8. Battlefield- I find battlefield really good since the call of duty franchise hasn’t really touched on the ww1, which makes battlefield stand out so much from other games.
  9. Medel of honor- A true classic of a game, I remember having frontline on PlayStation 1 And they are still coming out in 2016, the graphics are amazing and it has great gameplay, truly a favourite of mine.
  10. WWE 2k16- Not one of my most favourites but still has got to be up there even though my favourite part creating my own wrestlers and giving them crazy looks and names, I also enjoy kicking Conors butt on a game.

Now these was my Top Ten video games in my opinion, I hoped this helped in some way and that you enjoyed reading them. I normally get all of my games from


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    Top Ten Lush products.

    These are my Top Ten products from lush cosmetics.

    1. Butterball bath bomb– This is perfect for anyone with dry, sensitive, irritated skin. It had pieces of cocoa butter in so it leaves the skin super soft a very luxurious feel.
    2. The comforter bubble bar– crumble this under running water to unleash its sweet fruity aroma,and to create a bath full of foamy bubbles, always been one of my firm favourites.
    3. Aqua marina face and body cleanser– I have a repurchased this product many times over the past couple of years as this little beauty cleared up my acne and any scaring I had, it leaves you skin feeling fresh and clean with a light scent. I have a review up on this product check it out.
    4. Dragons egg bath bomb– A citrus blast this bath bomb fizzes and spins leaving your bath and shimmering shade of gold, this one will defiantly leave you feeling invigorated.
    5. Don’t look at me face mask-A fresh citrus mask that has a bright blue colour that makes you look like someone from avatar, a fresh scent that leaves your face soft and firm.
    6. Figs and leaves soap– Another repurchase of mine for a number of years, this cleared up my acne on my arms, a nice fresh clean feel that gently exfoliates the skin using fig seeds and softens and cares for the skin with the added Aloe Vera.  
    7. Eau Roma water Toner water– This is the best facial toner I have ever used, have repurchased many times as leaves skin feeling smooth, clean and refreshed, it’s great for sensitive skin and had aromatherapy property’s due to its scent.
    8. Pop in the bath bubble bar– A zesty scented bubble bar that creates lots of foamy bubbles and leaves the water a deep shade of blue, leaves the room with the scent of bergamot, lemon and mandarin is really refreshing.
    9. Brightside bubble bar – Crumble this bright bar under running water and you will be hit with a wave of refreshing citrus scent that will just wake up straight away, it leaves the bath a lovely bright orange colour with tons of bubbles.
    10. Sex bomb bath bomb– This bath bomb uses very sensual scents of jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage, helps when you are stressed, tired or have anxiety, as jasmine is a known aphrodisiac, ylang ylang is renowned for soothing worries and clary sage is know to clear the mind. 

    So this was my Top Ten favourite products from lush cosmetics, you can find all of these in stores or online at