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My Top 10 The Beatles songs.

Hello hope your all well today I will be posting my top 10 The Beatles songs. Now for those how read my post on my vinyl collection, you will know that I actually love the Beatles and has a number of their albums, but I’ve been listening to the album The Beatles• 1 on Spotify and I will be getting this album on vinyl, so these are some of my favourite The Beatles songs.

  1. Yesterday- The Beatles• 1
  2. Hey Jude- The Beatles•1
  3. Let it be-The Beatles• 1
  4. When I’m 64- sgt peppers lonely hearts club band.
  5. Ticket to ride- The Beatles• 1
  6. Help’- The Beatles• 1
  7. Twist and Shout- Please please me 
  8. Come together – Abbey road
  9. I want to hold your hand-The Beatles• 1
  10. Here comes the sun- Abbey road

 So these was my Top 10 The Beatles songs, To check out the songs in the albums just click on the pics above,I hope you enjoyed this post, dont forget to like and share. Thank You. 



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