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🎮My Top Ten video games 🎮

As a girl gamer myself I love a good video game ,and yes I do still love all the “girly” stuff like make up and shopping, so I’ve decided to list all of my favourites on one list so if anyone is looking for any good games just keep reading.

  1. Call of Duty- Now this has got to be my favourite of all the games out there, my favourite is the Black ops 1,2 and 3, mainly because of my favourite feature to the Black Ops series, Zombies and yes I do kick some zombie butt, my favourite maps are; five, mob of the dead, revelations, kino der toten and depot.
  2. Fifa- This one is more of Conors favourite (he got FIFA 17 the day it came out after having it pre ordered for months) but I do like playing and ruining his rep on it, I also enjoy watching him play he’s quite good, I also enjoy opening the ultimate team packs for him, and I think he likes it too as on the new one my first one I opened I got him Antoine Griezmann (which he got very excited about so he must be good)
  3. Minecraft- Oh I do love minecraft Conor hates it but I think it’s really good and it’s educational ( as said by an actual teacher), it’s also quite relaxing, I could play it for hours you just get lost in your own little world that you can create however you want.
  4. GTA5- Now this is another one that you can lose track of time with ( not quite as family friendly than minecraft) since there is so much to do and explore,my favourite part is buying clothes,hair dos, cars and pimping them out like pimp my ride and apartments. I also like the interaction you can with your friends online. Plus the graphics are outstanding. 
  5. Far cry primal- This game is amazing from its graphics too the fact you can explore so many places plus the storyline is really great also,but the stunning crisp graphics are just breathtaking.
  6. The walking dead play through- I really enjoyed playing through this one since you get to chose how it ends and gets to change the storyline to what you chose.
  7. Little big planet- This is really great for kids, I’ve had all 3 of them and even though there isn’t much difference I find, it gives you a chance to be creative.
  8. Battlefield- I find battlefield really good since the call of duty franchise hasn’t really touched on the ww1, which makes battlefield stand out so much from other games.
  9. Medel of honor- A true classic of a game, I remember having frontline on PlayStation 1 And they are still coming out in 2016, the graphics are amazing and it has great gameplay, truly a favourite of mine.
  10. WWE 2k16- Not one of my most favourites but still has got to be up there even though my favourite part creating my own wrestlers and giving them crazy looks and names, I also enjoy kicking Conors butt on a game.

Now these was my Top Ten video games in my opinion, I hoped this helped in some way and that you enjoyed reading them. I normally get all of my games from


Image made using Canva app.


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