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Day out too the Isle of Wight.

A few weeks ago me, my little sister and my mum all went out on a day trip too East and West Cowes on the Isle of Wight. We went over on the Red Funnel ferry leaving from Southampton port, the ferry ride took about 1 hour to get over too East Cowes, the ride went quite quickly and their was food and drink on board, and you could sit on the outside deck and watch all of the views as you go out of Southampton, such as Victoria county park etc. Then once you dock into East Cowes you can go to some of the local attractions such as the Osborne house or the classic boat museum, however we did not go to these and we caught the chain ferry over too West cowes which is where most of the shops and cafes are, so after a quick ride over to the other side we could finally get our trip underway, now I was the only one too come over to this part of the island so I had to lead the way we looked around the quaint little bric n brac shops, and the M&S food hall to pick up some mini Colin the caterpillars (only the best cake treat ever, I am officially obsessed) and some sweets. We finally wondered into a little cafe where we had some lunch as there is a shortage of any McDonald (much to my little sisters dismay) that we could find. After that we went for a walk on the promenade, avoiding some of the boats they was displaying for a boat show, we then saw our ferry coming in and as there not very regular we thought that we better get heading back, there was a bit of panic waiting for the chain ferry as we saw our ferry dock, but we made it with time to spare as foot passengers had to go in the same way as the cars but the cars had to be on first. We then made our way back and sat down inside but was right in front so we could see everything quite well.

So that was our adventure to the Isle of Wight, I had such a lovely time and will defiantly be returning again as all the other times I had been has been great, even though one was for a Hen Do, so even the night life is good on the island. I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing all about my Isle of Wight adventure, I defiantly recommend it to anyone a very relaxing day out.



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