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Our Engagement story 💍

In this post I’m going to be sharing mine and my fiancés (Conor) story of how we came to be engaged. So we had known each other for quite awhile even before we got together, since we was friends back at school and even dated back when we was 15, but that soon broke off and we remained friends. And when school ended we both headed off to the same college and we soon got talking again through some awkward stares on the train home we finally got back together on the 25th February 2013. Nearly 2 years passed and we just knew that we was going to be together for a really long time and after holidays together and not ripping each other’s throats out we just knew we was destined to be together. Then on Christmas Day 2014 Conor completely took me by surprise when he took me for a walk around our local park where he took me up to the band stand and he got down on one knee and proposed and I had not one clue,it was a complete surprise. So of course I said YES. And so after nearly another 2 years we are still stronger than ever saving up for our own house and hopefully soon our wedding. So this was the story of our engagement which is a massive part of my humble adventure.💍👰🏼


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